"Blessed are those who keep His testimonies, who seek Him with their whole heart." —Psalm 119:2

"How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to Your word." —Psalm 199:9

"Teach me, O Lord, the way of your statutes; and I will keep it to the end." —Psalm 119:33

"My soul longs for Your salvation; I hope in Your word." —Psalm 119:81

"Forever, O Lord, Your word is firmly fixed in the heavens." —Psalm 119:89

"I will never forget Your precepts, for by them You have given me life." —Psalm 119:93

"Oh how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day." —Psalm 119:97

"Through your precepts I get understanding; therefore I hate every false way." —Psalm 119:104

"The unfolding of Your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple." —Psalm 119:130

"The sum of Your word is truth, and every one of Your righteous rules endures forever." —Psalm 119:160

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." —Psalm 119:105

Sermon Audio Library

On this page, you will find copies of sermons and radio broadcasts (Searching the Scriptures).  If you are looking for particular sermon topic, press "Ctrl + F" to pull up the "Find" function of your browser and put in part of the title to search this list for what you're looking for.

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  Date Sermon Title Speaker
Play Button 11/11/18 PM Genesis: Overview Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 11/11/18 AM Be Ye Thankful Larry McClenny
Play Button 11/07/18 W We Need to Hear and Respond Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 11/04/18 PM Spiritual Attitude Jeff Stewart
Play Button 11/04/18 AM Overcoming Obstacles in Evangelism Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 10/31/18 W A Spiritual Checkup Scott Brown
Play Button 10/28/18 PM Overcoming Sin Blake Nelson
Play Button 10/28/18 AM Men and Women of God Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 10/24/18 W Time Jonathan Gandy
Play Button 10/21/18 PM We Can Trust God Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 10/21/18 AM Casting The First Stone Larry McClenny
Play Button 10/17/18 W Come To Me Ricky Crochet
Play Button 10/14/18 PM Money Reggie McGowan
Play Button 10/14/18 AM Faith and Love Abounding Larry McClenny
Play Button 10/10/18 W The Chameleon Joel Avance
Play Button 10/07/18 PM Winning Souls to Christ Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 10/07/18 AM Sinners Jesus Will Receive Larry McClenny

Gospel Meeting with Ryan Boyer
"The Household of God"

Play Button 10/5/18 F Sharing Responsibility Ryan Boyer
Play Button 10/4/18 Th Sharing Suffering Ryan Boyer
Play Button 10/3/18 W Sharing Love Ryan Boyer
Play Button 10/2/18 T Sharing Stuff Ryan Boyer
Play Button 10/1/18 M Sharing Decisions Ryan Boyer
Play Button 9/30/18 PM Sharing a Goal: Unity, Loyalty, Trust & Cooperation Ryan Boyer
Play Button 9/30/18 AM Christianity as a Family Ryan Boyer
Play Button 9/30/18 C What is Family? Ryan Boyer
Play Button 09/26/18 W Habakkuk Cody Griffin
Play Button 9/23/18 PM Spreading the Gospel Roy Martinez
Play Button 9/23/18 AM Strength To Be Bold Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 09/19/18 W Paul's Defense Before King Agrippa Larry McClenny
Play Button 9/16/18 PM Struggling With Suicide Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 9/16/18 AM Pray For The Sick Larry McClenny
Play Button 09/12/18 W Three Points of Encouragement Matt Strode
Play Button 9/9/18 PM Preparing for Catastrophe Scott Brown
Play Button 9/9/18 AM Was It Worth It Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 09/5/18 W Why I Was Baptized Calvi Courtney
Play Button 9/2/18 PM Examples in Suffering Larry McClenny
Play Button 9/2/18 AM Preparing for the Day Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 8/29/18 W The Fig Tree Rob Shipley
Play Button 8/26/18 PM Encouragement to the Church Alex Cardenas
Play Button 8/26/18 AM A Spiritual Tipping Point Larry McClenny
Play Button 8/22/18 W How We Should Pray Scott Brown
Play Button 8/19/18 PM The Importance of Obey God Jerry Carson
Play Button 8/19/18 AM The Proper Perspective Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 8/15/18 W Faith & Science David Criswell
Play Button 8/12/18 PM What Do We Need Most? Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 8/12/18 AM Back To School Larry McClenny
Play Button 8/8/18 W We Need Christ Peyton Martinez
Play Button 8/5/18 PM An Effective Ministry: 1 Thes. 2 Larry McClenny
Play Button 8/5/18 AM Where Do You Want To Live? Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 8/1/18 W What Day Is It? Sean Butler
Play Button 7/29/18 PM Change Clothes Reggie McGowan
Play Button 7/29/18 AM An Abundance Mentality Larry McClenny
Play Button 7/25/18 W What Must I Do To Be Saved Clay Parker
Play Button 7/22/18 AM It's Official Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 7/18/18 W The Life of Grace Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 7/15/18 AM Why We Do What We Do? Larry McClenny
Play Button 7/11/18 W Thorn in the Flesh Dean Williams
Play Button 7/8/18 PM Please do the Right Thing! Larry McClenny
Play Button 7/8/18 AM The Gospel of Mark: Responding to Authority Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 7/4/18 W How Would You Respond? Reggie McGowan
Play Button 7/1/18 PM Reclaiming Biblical Freedom Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 7/1/18 AM Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind Larry McClenny

Summer Bible Series with Jamie McClenny
"Heroes of Faith"

Play Button 6/28/18 Th Moses: Choosing Faith Jamie McClenny
Play Button 6/27/18 W Joseph: An Enduring Faith Jamie McClenny
Play Button 6/26/18 T Abraham: Father of the Faithful Jamie McClenny
Play Button 6/25/18 M Noah: A Superhero of Faith Jamie McClenny
Play Button 6/24/18 PM Upward Looking Faith: A Glimpse of Glory Jamie McClenny
Play Button 6/24/18 AM Pleasing God: A Living Faith Jamie McClenny
Play Button 6/24/18 C The Nature of Faith: Taking a Stand Not a Leap Jamie McClenny
Play Button 6/20/18 W Purpose in Pain and Suffering Joel Avance
Play Button 6/17/18 PM Does it Count? Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 6/17/18 AM The Gospel of Mark: Why Follow Jesus? Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 6/13/18 W Refresh One Another's Hearts Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 6/10/18 PM Philemon...Brotherly Love No Matter What! Larry McClenny
Play Button 6/10/18 AM The Challenge of Choice Larry McClenny
Play Button 6/3/18 PM Sincere Religion Larry McClenny
Play Button 6/3/18 AM The Gospel of Mark: Announcing the Anointed Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 5/30/18 W It Is Well With My Soul Jonathan Gandy
Play Button 5/27/18 PM Moral Courage Joel Avance
Play Button 5/27/18 AM The Battle for Our Minds (Part II) Larry McClenny
Play Button 5/23/18 W "All Those Kitchen Gadgets, but a Sharp Knife Just Might Do" Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 5/20/18 PM Lessons From David and Goliath Larry McClenny
Play Button 5/20/18 AM The Remarkable Gospel Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 5/16/18 W The Bible Still Applies Today Bobby Adams
Play Button 5/13/18 PM The Path Less Traveled Jeff Stewart
Play Button 5/13/18 AM Count Your Blessings Rob Shipley
Play Button 5/9/18 W Binary Choices (The Rich Young Ruler) Steve Harris
Play Button 5/6/18 PM Looking Back at Judas Reggie McGowan
Play Button 5/6/18 AM The Battle for Our Minds Larry McClenny
Play Button 5/2/18 W Evidence in Christ Ricky Crochet
Play Button 4/29/18 PM Lessons from Christ's Death Sean Butler
Play Button 4/29/18 AM Heroes of Faith Larry McClenny

Gospel Meeting with Shane Carrington
"The Zeal of Discipleship"

Play Button 4/27/18 F Building Up the Church Shane Carrington
Play Button 4/26/18 Th Making More Time for God Shane Carrington
Play Button 4/25/18 W An Odyssey of Salvation Shane Carrington
Play Button 4/24/18 T How Jesus Taught Shane Carrington
Play Button 4/23/18 M The Crucifixion of Christ Shane Carrington
Play Button 4/22/18 PM Beatitudes of Marriage Shane Carrington
Play Button 4/22/18 AM God's Counterintuitive Will Shane Carrington
Play Button 4/22/18 C Why Believe? Shane Carrington
Play Button 4/18/18 W The Jumping Point of Faith Cody Griffin
Play Button 4/15/18 PM The Sound of Silence Scott Brown
Play Button 4/15/18 AM Hope of the Word Larry McClenny
Play Button 4/8/18 PM Whosever Will May Come Larry McClenny
Play Button 4/8/18 AM Generosity in Giving Larry McClenny
Play Button 4/4/18 W Allocution Before God Jay Dyson
Play Button 4/1/18 PM The Devil: Zealous for Evil Works Wayne Gandy
Play Button 4/1/18 AM The Last Will and Testament of Christ Larry McClenny
Play Button 3/28/18 W Is the Gospel Still Effective Today? Jim Beasley
Play Button 3/25/18 PM Spiritual Warfare David Criswell
Play Button 3/25/18 AM Does the New Testament Need Updating? Larry McClenny
Play Button 3/21/18 W The Churches of Revelation Tim Stringer
Play Button 3/18/18 PM Keeping Ourselves Faithful Larry McClenny
Play Button 3/18/18 AM Keep Moving Forward Larry McClenny
Play Button 3/14/18 W Obedience Like Noah D.J. Williams
Play Button 3/11/18 PM The Enormity of God Jim Beasley
Play Button 3/11/18 AM Praise the Lord Larry McClenny
Play Button 3/7/18 W The Way of God (Acts 18-19) Larry McClenny
Play Button 3/4/18 PM Have You Been Saved? Reggie McGowan
Play Button 3/4/18 AM Salvation in No Other Name Reggie McGowan
Play Button 2/28/18 W Three Important Questions Jerry Heim
Play Button 2/25/18 PM How to Overcome Spiritual Sickness Jay Dyson
Play Button 2/25/18 AM The Divine Perspective Larry McClenny
Play Button 2/21/18 W Ruling Over Sin Rob Shipley
Play Button 2/18/18 PM False Teachers in the Camp Larry McClenny
Play Button 2/18/18 AM Following Jesus Larry McClenny
Play Button 2/14/18 W Receiving God's Grace in Vain David Criswell
Play Button 2/11/18 PM Working in Hope Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 2/11/18 AM Entering Eternity Tristan Ganchero
Play Button 2/7/18 W What Are You Doing? Roy Martinez
Play Button 2/4/18 PM Boundaries Scott Brown
Play Button 2/4/18 AM The Good News Reggie McGowan
Play Button 1/31/18 W Lessons from the Storm Mark Zindler
Play Button 1/28/18 PM Your Steadfast Love is Better Than Life D.J. Williams
Play Button 1/28/18 AM Have I Become Your Enemy? Larry McClenny
Play Button 1/24/18 W Spiritual Direction (Acts 16) Larry McClenny

Gospel Meeting with Phillip Shumake
"Lifelong Zeal: How to Build Lasting Passion for God"

Play Button 1/21/18 S Overcoming Burnout Phillip Shumake
Play Button 1/21/18 S The Zeal of Moses Phillip Shumake
Play Button 1/21/18 S Using & Igniting our Zeal Phillip Shumake
Play Button 1/20/18 Sa Fueling our Zeal Phillip Shumake
Play Button 1/20/18 Sa Preparing & Igniting our Zeal Phillip Shumake
Play Button 1/19/18 F God's Vision for Christ-like Zeal Phillip Shumake
Play Button 1/14/18 PM Setting Goals Jeff Stewart
Play Button 1/14/18 AM Maintaining Our Faith Larry McClenny
Play Button 1/10/18 W Not Reveling Over Sin Sean Butler
Play Button 1/7/18 PM Contend for the Faith Larry McClenny
Play Button 1/7/18 AM Never Looking Back Larry McClenny
Play Button 12/31/17 PM Before Winter Comes (Sermon in Song) Jon Wilson
Play Button 12/31/17 AM Resolve Larry McClenny
Play Button 12/27/17 W The Proper Relationship with God Joel Avance
Play Button 12/24/17 PM "The message of the cross is foolishness to those..." Jerry Courtney
Play Button 12/24/17 AM Love Without Hypocrisy Larry McClenny
Play Button 12/20/17 W The Steps of Salvation Larry McClenny
Play Button 12/17/17 PM Death of a Church Scott Brown
Play Button 12/17/17 AM Do Not Grow Weary in Well Doing Larry McClenny
Play Button 12/13/17 W Spiritual Freedom Jim Beasley
Play Button 12/10/17 PM Character Makes a Difference Reggie McGowan
Play Button 12/10/17 AM Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees Larry McClenny
Play Button 12/6/17 W Which Person Are You? Matt Strode
Play Button 12/3/17 PM Building Up New Testament Churches Larry McClenny
Play Button 12/3/17 AM Marriage and the Home Larry McClenny
Play Button 11/29/17 W Will You Ignore His Work? Reggie McGowan
Play Button 11/26/17 PM Sermon in Song: Life After Death Rob Shipley
Play Button 11/26/17 AM An Attitude of Gratitude Larry McClenny
Play Button 11/22/17 W The Brothers of Joseph Ricky Crochet
Play Button 11/19/17 AM On the Edge of Salvation Larry McClenny
Play Button 11/15/17 W The Kingdom Jon Wilson
Play Button 11/12/17 PM A Gift, an Arrow, an Olive Tree Scott Brown
Play Button 11/12/17 AM Right or Wrong? Reggie McGowan
Play Button 11/8/17 W What is Your Attitude? Blake Nelson
Play Button 11/5/17 PM This World is Not My Home Larry McClenny
Play Button 11/5/17 AM The Greatest of These is Love Larry McClenny
Play Button 11/1/17 W Immersion Larry McClenny